Gun Sounds Overhaul – Weapons for GTAV

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This is without a doubt the best replacement sounds for all the guns and shooting that you can hear in Grand Theft Auto. All GTA gamers who have already download it and use it, are reassuring us that this is the best move they ever made. Being able to enhance your experience and feel everything this game has to offer you, will definitely make your game better.


For all the gun sounds you loved so much in GTA, there is now a whole new experience to engage into with the Gun Sounds Overhaul. Feel the thrill to actually hold a gun and fire, or feel the heat of being shot with this amazing set of new gun sounds.

Gun Sounds Overhaul Install

If you are already in the page, all you have to do is press the download button. Of course, you will need zip rar in order to be able to open the given file. Now you are totally done with your browser, as you will not need it again.

Open the file where you have installed and saved the downloaded file and open it. You will see two files, ‘To Weapons Player’ and ‘To Resident RFR’. There is another file, in text form but is not actually there to help you install the program, so feel free to ignore it.

In order to continue with the Gun Sounds Overhaul, you will need the OpenIV so go ahead and open this as well. If you have already used it in the past, it will get you to your directory otherwise it will help you go through the first steps. Now it is time to open x64, open the file and then open the audio file. In the sfx file, try to find the ‘Resident’ file.

You can edit the file and using drag and drop to transfer the recently downloaded file from also the ‘Resident’ file. This is the simplest way to organize your files and insert the new audio system into your gaming.

Check Gun Sounds Overhaul

Now that you are done, you can finally check your new sounds into the game. This is the best part. You can select all of your guns and try them out in order to enjoy your new gun sounds. Gun Sounds Overhaul will be the best move you made towards gaming improvement.

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The only downside of this app is that it does not contain any instructions.  Therefore, it can be a little tricky when downloaded. However, if you thoroughly follow these tips, you can easily download them and start using them in your next GTA gaming. This update will transform your game and add a certain quality in your game.

Make all of your friends download it as well, and create a quality team game so as to be able to make the most out of your gaming time. Gun Sounds Overhaul will enhance your game with its realistic, powerful sounds of guns.


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