GtaV – BMW M4 GTS Liberty Walk V1.6 [Add-On|Tuning]


Here is mod will help you own the BMW M4 GTS Liberty Walk V1.6. The car has a very smooth and powerful engine, capable of achieving very high speed if the player wants. Along with that car has a very good handling kit to help the control becomes easier when used.
Primary Color: Body
Secondary Color: Interior
Wheel Color: Rims (via trainer)


  • All regular car functions
  • HQ Interior
  • HQ Exterior
  • 3D Engine
  • US Plate
  • 3D Suspension
  • Animated Engine&Exhaust
  • Custom handling
  • Custom Rim: Forgiato Maglia ECL
  • Hidden surprise in trunk!

Tuning Parts: 19

  • 3 Exhaust
  • 10 Spoiler
  • 1 Bonnet
  • 4 Roof Spoiler
  • 1 GTS Interior with Rollcage
  • LB Stickers as Extra 1-4

Changelog V1.6:
Fixed Headlights
Added RGB Angel Eyes
Use “Rim Paint” to set up your Color < only via trainer

Changelog V1.5:
Fixed Issue with Car Duplication on clash

Changelog V1.4:
Added HQ Mirror

Changelog V1.3:
Added Secondary Color to Engine Cover
Fixed bug: Tuned Exhaust & Engine Animated (vibrating) now

Changelog V1.2:
Added Harman/Kardon Door Speakers
Fixed visual bugs
Added Navigation Menu

Changelog V1.1:
Added GTS Interior with Rollcage & New Seats
Fixed some wrong Texturing
Added 3 New Spoiler
All tuning parts can be damaged now / trunk and bonnet can be open all the time.

How To Install

Automatic installation, description included!


Enjoy it and don’t forget share to your friends!

Link Download :