Gta5 – 2017 Rolls-Royce Dawn V1.2 [Add-On|Replace]


The 2017 Rolls-Royce Dawn V1.2 possesses a very powerful engine that makes it more suitable for every road and every race in and outside the city. Moreover, the car also owns a very good handling kit, which makes it easier to control.

– My 34th car mod
– 3D Model: converted from GTA SA mod by artur0777
– Add-on / Replace (Windsor)
– at least patch 1.0.678 is required

Version 1.2
– Another undercarriage

Version 1.1
– Add-on

Version 1.0
– HQ exterior / HQ interior
– HQ materials
– 3D engine (vibrating)
– 3 extras: roof, front license plate, wood on radio
– 5 Paint arts:

  • Paint 1 & 2: body, brake calipers
  • Paint 4: Wheels (only via trainer)
  • Paint 6: Interior (only via trainer in benny mod shop)
  • Paint 7: Wood (only via trainer in benny mod shop)

– Dashboard lights (you can turn them on & off)
– Working steeringwheel and dials
– Working lights
– Standard GTA 5 license plates
– Breakable windows (with dirt and cracks on it)
– Full body dirt
– Burn area
– HQ Panorama mirror reflections
– Door mirrors fall off by a hard collision
– Correct door opening
– Bullet impact
– Inner side of bumpers, bonnet, boot & rims
– Correct window tint, also in 1st person view (no tint on lights, light tint on windscreen)
– Hands on steeringwheel
– Correct model proportions
– Correct seat position for 2 peds
– Correct exhaust smoke position
– Correct neon lights position
– Correct platelight position

– Wrong animation by getting in and out the car, because of reversed door opening. Cant be fixed.
– No LODs possible

How To Install

Please the readme in the archive


Enjoy it and don’t forget share to your friends!