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B-17E Flying Fortress – Grand Auto 5

Review B-17E Flying Fortress – Grand Auto 5 Another aircraft requested and donated for by Senf-Man, so big thanks to him! One of the most famous WWII bombers for GTA V. This is the B-17 in a late E configuration as seen during the first half of the war. This mod comes with 3 different liveries, normal and specular maps. All control ... Readmore »

Real Flamethrower – Gta Auto

Download Real Flamethrower – Gta Auto Install :– Install OpenIV  – Check out the ‘Read Me’Changelog : 1.0 : Initial Release 1.1 : Bug fixed 1.2 : Bug fixed 1.3 : Michael, Trevor & Franklin’s hands position fixed Scale & range of the flame increased 1.4 : Bug fixed causing game crash 1.5 : Updated to latest GTA V update 1.6 ... Readmore »

Winchester – Grand Theft

Review Winchester – Grand Theft RUS: Winchester T-2 с конвертирован из игры Far cry 2 и доработан специально для видео TERMINATOR 2 JD (GTAV cover) 2017Установка в архивеENG: Winchester T-2 is converted from the game Far cry 2 and modified Especially for video TERMINATOR 2 JD (GTAV cover) 2017 Installation in the archive OpenIV Tool for GTA5 LinkDownload Winchester – Grand Theft ... Readmore »

Springfield 1903 Sniper – Grand Theft Games

Review Springfield 1903 Sniper – Grand Theft Games The Springfield model 1903 sniper rifle saw extensive use in the U.S. military in world wars one and two and saw continued service through the Korean and Vietnam wars before eventually being replaced by a more modern rifle. When the U.S. government stopped using the model 1903 a majority of them were sold ... Readmore »

Captain America Movie Shield – New Gta

Download Captain America Movie Shield – New Gta                          Picture : Captain America Movie Shield – New Gta i’ll create a real Movie Shield texture Installation Available in Readme file It’s important that. First you need to download captain “America script mod.” https: Then replace my files . Link Download Captain America ... Readmore »

AK Pistol – Gta Codes

Review AK Pistol – Gta Codes Weapon can no longer be bought from ammunation… spawn with trainer instead. ————————————————————————————————- Installation: Go To Grand Theft Auto V And Put The update File There. Now Go To Grand Theft Auto V\update\update.rpf\common\data\ Now Drag dlclist.xml To Your Desktop From Here Add This Line Below The Latest Dlc You Have: dlcpacks:\akp\ Now You Have To ... Readmore »

Buy More Attachments – Gta Games

Review Buy More Attachments – Gta Games Been a While since I made this mod and I thought about uploading it Installation is simple put the dlc_patch in GTA V\update\update.rpf and that’s it couldn’t make it simplier than that Community Script Hook V .NET for GTA5 Changelog: 1.0: Added flashlight for Vintage Pistol Added scope for Heavy Shotgun Added advanced sniper ... Readmore »

Buy More Weapons – Gta Demo

Review Buy More Weapons  – Gta Demo This mod is now nothing rockstar ruined it with their new update the only use of this mod is now simply that you are able to save unstorable weapons in your inventory by spawning them that’s it no longer buy more weapons it’s just store more weapons.  Buy more weapons Though some aren’t weapons ... Readmore »

Texture for Jridah’s Glock – Game Gta

Download Texture for Jridah’s Glock – Game Gta This is a darker texture for Jridah’s new Glock 17.   You can also refer to the article about Endeavor Mod Menu – Scrips for Gta5 PC I created this texture for personal use and tested it only with MVGA + ENB. It should look almost the same with other graphic mods or vanilla ... Readmore »

AK-74 – Grand Theft

Review AK-74 – Grand Theft AK-74 Convert from Contract Wars. Replaces Assault RifleSupported: -Silencer -Flashlight -Scope -2 Clip -Animated Grand Theft Zombies Mod – Scripts for GTAV Installation: Replace the files in \mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday8ng\dlc.rpf\x64\models\cdimages\weapons.rpf\ LinkDownload AK-74 – Grand Theft                                                 ... Readmore »