GTA 5 WEAPONS – GTA 5 Weapon Mods

Large Scope Sniper Crosshair Edit – grand theft

Review Large Scope Sniper Crosshair Edit – grand theft Picture : Large Scope Sniper Crosshair Edit – grand theft Hey, just another small edit (if you haven’t noticed, I only have the time and skills for smol edits). So I love the PSG-1 (or Combat Sniper) from GTA IV, since 420×420 gave us the model for V (, why not make the ... Readmore »

IV Weapons Pack – grath auto 5

Review IV Weapons Pack – grath auto 5 Description A pack of converted gta 4 weapons most of the mags are not separated and there is no animations and the textures are kinda low as you’d expect from the gta 4 weapons but they still fit into V pretty well and they all work in first person but some hit under the ironsights. ... Readmore »

SMG Mk.II – grand auto 5

Review SMG Mk.II – grand auto 5 Picture : SMG Mk.II – grand auto 5 Hey. Ever think how much the SMG Mk.II kinda looks like the GTA IV SMG? No? Well I did. So I took the liberty of editing the SMG Mk.II animation files and have the character hold the gun in one hand, similar to the GTA IV SMG. ... Readmore »

Time-Based Sticky Bomb – Grand The Auto 5

Review Time-Based Sticky Bomb – Grand The Auto 5 Hey, it’s me again dropping another small mod. Nothin major or game changing, just a weapons.meta edit. Remember how in GTA TBoGT the sticky bomb would automatically go off after about 90 seconds and 30 seconds in online? Well guess what I brought back. Now sticky bombs will automatically detonate after a ... Readmore »

First Person Aim – Gta Grand Auto

Review First Person Aim – Gta Grand Auto this fixes the first person aiming view when zooming in for the Springfield m1903a1 and other weapon mentioned in the pack below. required weapon: bolt action pack by 420×420 installation path: \Grand Theft Auto V\update\update.rpf\dlc_patch\mpindependence\common\data\ai FPS aim fixed by jamessays download Shadow of the Tomb Raider enhanced Lara croft here. you can ... Readmore »

Exploding soda Can Ore Grenade – Download Game Gta V

Review Exploding soda Can Ore Grenade – Download Game Gta V Custom skinned smoke grenade with explosion A simple mod aims for something new. If a soda drink is being drinked as life in a battle royal game well here in GTA V it can explode to kill enemies. ——————————————————————————————————– edit: the Soda CAN model is now working and fixed. . ... Readmore »

Bolt Action Pack – Newest Gta

Review Bolt Action Pack – Newest Gta Changelog v2.0 Retexture for the mosin and fixes the shiny ass bolt (its still a bit shiny but not nearly as much) Description Currently a pack of three bolt action rifles (Each replace the musket) with edited musket meta files so that it (the musket) can use the bolt action snipers animations and ups ... Readmore »

No_Tracers -Gta 5 Free

Download No_Tracers -Gta 5 Free Removes bullet tracers from guns. Simply replace weapons.meta with the supplied file.All credits go to @JonaQ you can also refer to the article about GTAV Mod Manager Tool – GTA V Mod Manager PC Link Download  No_Tracers -Gta 5 Free Readmore »

W_SR_M110 – Grand Theft Games

Review W_SR_M110 – Grand Theft Games SR_M110 (Replace) installation: openiv  GTA V\update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday8ng\dlc.rpf\x64\models\cdimages\weapons.rpf you can also refer to the article about Enhanced Native Trainer – PC Trainer v gta 5   Link Download  W_SR_M110 – Grand Theft Games   Picture : W_SR_M110 – Grand Theft Games Readmore »