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BMW R1150rt Police Pack – Grab The Auto 5

Review BMW R1150rt Police Pack – Grab The Auto 5 Picture : BMW R1150rt Police Pack – Grab The Auto 5 Pack BMW moto motard. Plus d’informations sur : Pack BMW moto motorcyclist. More informations on : ———– ENGLISH VERSION How Install 1. Run OPENIV and go to : Grand Theft Auto V\ update\ x64\ dlcpacks\ patchday1ng\ dlc.rpf\ x64\ levels\ ... Readmore »

Shitzu Shiba – GTA 5 Online

Review Shitzu Shiba – GTA 5 Online In the land where even the ultracompacts give off that unparalleled sense of sophistication and chic, driving a barebones delivery truck with a layout not even a mother could love seems like the last choice that would spring to your mind. Make no mistake, though – the Shiba trades off you looking like a ... Readmore »

Imponte DF8 Nitro – Grand Theft Gta 5

Review Imponte DF8 Nitro – Grand Theft Gta 5 ==>HUGE CREDIT TO __CP__ AND OTHER PEOPLE WHO DEVELOPED IVPACK FOR THE ORIGINAL DF8-90 MODEL You can also refer to the article about Real Life Mod – Scripts for GTA5 Link Download Imponte DF8 Nitro – Grand Theft Gta 5     Video review :       Readmore »

Mallard banner – New Gta

Review Mallard banner – New Gta Just a small edit of Mallard (stunt), decomissioned and edited for advertising purposes. Install as you would do for every replace mod. (Supports every feature of the game including LODs) SHOUTOUTS TO: Rockstar Games – Original Model @ BDuck (me) – Model edits @ AlexanderLB – Banner textures @ DynamoHotRun – Screenshots Enjoy. You can ... Readmore »

Mammoth Devastator – Gta On

Review Mammoth Devastator – Gta On One of the only things the brazilians did right, the Devastator is the one behemoth that LSPD would sell their guts out for. With its high-caliber turret, armor thicker than your run-of-the-mill LCPD grunt and the power to bust through all the bandidos you can find, you can see why. We trust you’ll use this ... Readmore »

Declasse Walton – Gta 5 Free Download

Review Declasse Walton –  Gta 5 Free Download So… yeah, edited from Mafia 3’s Potomac 5500, there’s your old farm truck from GTA SA now in GTA V. There’s not much to say. Just install it as you would do by installing every other Add-On. SHOUTOUTS TO: @ Hangar 13: Original Model @ Rockstar Games: Interior mesh, enginebay and shit @ ... Readmore »

Mclaren Senna – Grand The Auto 5

Review Mclaren Senna –  Grand The Auto 5   Add-On version will be added soon for better handling and sound. Model:Hum3D Converted by: me 😀 Installation CTRL + F3 on Open IV t20.yft – Seach Replace the 3 files at mpluxe2vehicles.rpf Open game and enjoy 🙂 You can also refer to the article about Map Editor Gta 5 Mod – Map Editor Gta V ... Readmore »

Bravado Rumpo – Mapped Edition – Gta V Next Update

Review Bravado Rumpo – Mapped Edition – Gta V Next Update DESCRIPTION A second mapped van by me, the original Bravado Rumpo is now able to support templated liveries. Please notice this is not Lt.Caine’s Rumpo, his version has its taillights placed a bit lower than the original Rumpo.DEFAULT LIVERIES – Bitch’n’ Dog Food – Tenshun – Los Santos Customs – ... Readmore »

Project: Wipers for Original Vehicles – Gta 5 Gta V

Review Project: Wipers for Original Vehicles – Gta 5 Gta V —-How to install—– We recommend people to install add-on version. The new original cars in our dlc package will automatically replace the old one from game. Means, the game will load our new original car first after you installed our add-on version. It is very similar as Patchday1ng, patchday2ng, etc. ... Readmore »

Wheel – Gta Auto

Review Wheel – Gta Auto dune.yft dune_hi.yft >>> x64e.rpf\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf you can also refer to the article about GTA V 100 Game Save PC – Misc Mods Link Download Wheel – Gta Auto   Picture : Wheel – Gta Auto video review :   Readmore »