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Pegassi Infernus Roadster – GTA 5

Review Pegassi Infernus Roadster – GTA V Modified the Infernus model to make it a roadster Install Addon: 1. copy to AK_InfernusR folder to:update/x64/dlcpacks 2. From the update.rpf go to:/common/data and edit the file dlclist.xml and add this line: dlcpacks:\AK_InfernusR\ Spawn name: infernus4 you can also refer to the article about OpenIV Tool for GTA5 Link Download Pegassi Infernus Roadster – GTA 5 ... Readmore »

Lore-Friendly Liveries for Brute Bus Game GTA V

Review Lore-Friendly Liveries for Brute Bus Game GTA V Big, bold and not so beautiful – there’s not much to say about this workhorse used extensively in big cities of the past and bumtowns of the present and the future. Take a seat, fire up your old Badger phone and enjoy the ride. Don’t mind the caustic smell from the rear ... Readmore »

Phantom Heavy Duty Hauler – Game GTA V

Review Phantom Heavy Duty Hauler – Game GTA V  Picture : Phantom Heavy Duty Hauler – Game GTA V  Beging OK guys, here is the perfect companion to the lowboy trailer. I present to you the Phantom Heavy Duty Hauler. This bad boy has all the features you would expect from a heavy hauling machine. Mod should be bug free, please let ... Readmore »

CaraCara Special Edition – GTA 5

Review CaraCara Special Edition – GTA 5  Picture : CaraCara Special Edition – GTA V Hi Guy !!! This truck deserved a much more standard look. The whole 6×6 thing was just not doing it for me. Hope you guys enjoy the mods, there will be plenty more to come. Remember to like and star as you see fit! Features V 1.1 ... Readmore »

Dodge Mega Ram 3500 HD – GTA 5 GTA V

Review Dodge Mega Ram 3500 HD – GTA 5 GTA V Credits Farming Simulator 15 mod by: ATF Modding Edit & Convert by: DeezNutties123 Edits and Modifications by : Bagged 1.1 # Adjusted the size of the tires slightly to fill out the fenders a little better per request. # Added better LED bar to the top rack per request. # ... Readmore »

Jeep Cherokee XJ SnowHawk Edition – GTA V

Review  Jeep Cherokee XJ SnowHawk Edition – GTA V Wow.. I believe this is a GTA first! I really hope you guys enjoy this monster! This was a blast to make and I will continue to tweak and add more features and refine the vehicle going forward. Behold the Jeep Cherokee SnowHawk! This thing is a beast in the snow ... Readmore »

Transport Hauler – Game Gta

Review Transport Hauler – Game Gta OK, Here you go guys a fully working small transport trailer for all of your lighter duty hauling needs. I want to give a HUGE! thank you to ImNotMentaL for his awesome help with scripting out this mod. Thanks to him we no longer have to mess with trainers when we go to attach vehicles ... Readmore »

Monster Sandking HD XL – Game Gta V

Review  Monster Sandking HD XL – Game Gta V UPDATE 2.0 # Updated the wheels to Fuel wheels # Added a lot of new extras for you to play with. Please make all modifications in trainer its easier. # Modified the exhaust to give it a little more realistic look. # Modified front bumper and removed bull bar # Modified ... Readmore »

Sandking HD Monster Dually – Gta 5 Gta 5 Gta 5 Gta 5

Review Sandking HD Monster Dually  – Gta 5 Gta 5 Gta 5 Gta 5 NEW! Added in this update #1 Fixed LODs on this vehicle #2 New Super Swamper Bogger Tires #3 Updated headlights to have color changing halo lights #4 Proper mud map on tires etc. #5 Halo lights are mapped to wheel color. #6 Update suspension with to give ... Readmore »

Semi Transport Hauler – Game GTA

Review Semi Transport Hauler – Game GTA Credits to ISMACKZI for donating the model OK, guys here is a new trailer for everyone to play with! I have kept the script out of this as I see more and more people wanting to use these on 5m server vs just SP. This has been fully test on 5m and works with ... Readmore »