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SupermotoX Nemixis V1.0 – gtaV car

This vehicle defies the laws of physics in its sheer speed and agility. You surely don’t have to worry about grip when you have enough downforce to put shame to any hypercar created! Download the mod to own the SupermotoX Nemixis V1.0 Features: Working Headlights Working Taillights Correct Tire Tread Breakable Windows Working Trunk Working Reversing Lights Gull-Wing Doors Working Needle-Dials ... Readmore »

2018 Pagani Huayra Roadster V1.1 – gtaV car

Six years in gestation, Pagani’s latest million-dollar, hand-built supercar, the Huayra Roadster is here. Company founder Horacio Pagani called it the most complicated project he’s ever undertaken. The most significant characteristic of the new Italian supercar, which has been made in a sold-out production run of 100 units, is its brand-new removable rooftop made from carbon and glass. Pagani’s rear-wheel-drive ... Readmore »

Ford Econoline 1961-1967 V1.0 – gtaV car

This First-Generation Econoline truck got an upgrade when it came to Los Santos… a monster V8 engine and enough acceleration to challenge a sports car! Features: Working Headlights Working Taillights Correct Tire Tread Breakable Windows Working Doors Working Needle-Dials How To Install  Installation and credit text files are included in the download. Download Enjoy it and don’t forget share to ... Readmore »

Lamborghini [Engine sound, Car sound] V1.0 – gtaV mod

The Lamborghini with the sporty and characteristic design along with a powerful engine to help players achieve the highest speed when driving, accompanied by sturdy structures that create the safest feeling when driving. With high-quality images, the car becomes more beautiful and smoother in the GTAV. Download this mod to own the Lamborghini [Engine sound, Car sound] V1.0 Accompanation by fine ... Readmore »

SupermotoX CyborX V1.0 – gtaV car

Once available only to those with a mountain of pocket change and a willingness to defy the laws of the road, the CyborX has been reduced only in price as to ensure that more individuals achieve their goals of going fast and not looking back. Download the mod tho own the supercar – SupermotoX CyborX V1.0. Features: Working Headlights Working Taillights ... Readmore »

Vapid Rat Demon V1.0 – gtaV car

My best friend bought a 1991 Ford F-250 with the desire of making it into a show-truck. He explained to me how he wanted it to look, a wooden bed with a shortened width bed and extruding wheel wells, a front bumper from a Fox-Body Mustang, older-style round racing mirrors, lowered to about 6 inches off the ground, a single ... Readmore »

Submarine V1.0 – gtaV mod

Ever wanted a submarine that is to scale… well… here you go! Roughly to scale, and ginormous as could be. Not very practical, but fun nonetheless! Included in the download is a Credits file that states everyone involved in the creation of this vehicle mod. Features: Working Hatch Working Propeller How To Install  Place the folder “submarine” into: mods/update/x64/dlcpacks Add: ... Readmore »

1957 Plymouth Belvedere 4dr sedan [Final] – GtaV Car

Hi guys! This is my first mod I am still learning any help would be appreciated. Download this mod to own the 1957 plymouth belvedere in gtaV Changelog  Final: -wheels getting small (fixed) -windows not aligned when broken(fixed) V1.2: -lights now break and fall of with front fenders V1.1: -right front door animations added -right front door collisions fixed -horrible ... Readmore »

Jeep Deminhowk [Final] – gtaV car

Hello and im back! this is my latest edit/conversion i came up with. today i release my one of a kind Jeep DemonHawk! ive been working on a trackhawk for a few days and wanted more than just a trackhawk. model came from forza motorsport 7 and some front end parts from sa. wheels and badges are from forza as ... Readmore »