GTA 5 TOOLS – GTA 5 Modding Tools

AddonProps – Download Gta 5

Review AddonProps – Download Gta 5 New version avaliable, now stable and more user friendly. If you have version 1.0 I recommend unistall this version and install the v1.1 REQUIREMENTS RageLib needs Microsoft .NET 4.6.1 to work. About: AddonProps is a mod/script that allows you to add new prop models to your game without replace any file. Props Editor it’s the tool to ... Readmore »

BetterFPSCounter – Gta 5 Free

Review BetterFPSCounter – Gta 5 Free BetterFPSCounter by Montoya The BetterFPSCounter will appear in the upper left corner as soon as you load the game. [You Need] Latest ScriptHookV Latest ScriptHookVDotNet   Installation copy the BetterFpsCounter.dll into your scripts folder if there is no script folder, create one. You can also refer to the article about Menyoo PC [SP] – Scripts for GTA5 ... Readmore »

GTA V Process Utilization – Download Gta 5

Review GTA V Process Utilization  – Download Gta 5 Welcome to GTA V Process Utilization! This program priorities processes, and close unnecessary services/processes without touching your everyday programs. This program is completely automated, which means you don’t need to touch the program, other than run it. My processor is a i7 3770k 4 ghz OC & i have 16 gb of ... Readmore »

Mod Mover – Grand Auto 5

Review Mod Mover – Grand Auto 5 Version 1.1 Changes: Changed the name to “Mod Mover” Changed the UI to look a bit nicer Added a mod counter to display how many mods are in the GTA V root directory (Only counts files that have been moved using this tool) Added an alert to let the user know if their GTA ... Readmore »

GTA V 1 Click Mod On/Off Launcher – Grand Theft Games

Review GTA V 1 Click Mod On/Off Launcher – Grand Theft Games Note: If you are using v1.0 and you’re about to update to v1.1, please turn on mods before upgrading! Features: – Allow to switch on/off Mods with this Launcher – Allow to Launch Steam/Non Steam GTAV  Installation: Extract “PlayGTA5.exe”, “xinput9_1_0.dll”, “icudt.dll”, “awesomium_process”, “Awesomium.Windows.Forms.dll”, “awesomium.dll” & “Awesomium.Core.dll” to your GTAV ... Readmore »

Add-On Base – Grant The Auto 5

Review Add-On Base – Grant The Auto 5 This is a base for Add-ons Using this, you can make Add-ons from Replacement vehicles easily Here’s the tutorial video for it: SkylineGTRFreak’s Bombardier Dash 8Q-400 mod used in the video: Changelog: 1.1 new files added: – carcols.meta – carvariations.meta – caraddoncontentunlocks.meta – place for vehicle tuning parts 1.0 basic files: ... Readmore »

Language Changer – Grand Theft Games

Review Language Changer – Grand Theft Games Install the game in the wrong language, or just want to change the language for fun? You’ll probably notice the lack of a way to change the language without editing the registry or changing your system language. Notices: – I will not support pirated versions – You can only change your game language to ... Readmore »

Mod installer/remover – Grand Auto 5

Review Mod installer/remover – Grand Auto 5 This tool moves all files from one folder (All your mods) to another folder (Your GTA V root directory). Its purpose is to quickly move your mod files out of your GTA dir for when you want to go online. It’s pretty simple, all the information is included in the readme.txt NOTE: This only moves files, ... Readmore »

Decompiled Scripts – Grand Gta V

Review Decompiled Scripts  – Grand Gta V Update 20/06/17 – Added 1103 scripts, Fixed a few bugs in how the decompiler handles pointers. Note like the last release online scripts have been removed(Take2 and all that.) Message me on skype if you have a legitimate reason for wanting specific online scripts, and If its a good reason I’ll be more than ... Readmore »