GTA 5 TOOLS – GTA 5 Modding Tools

Ford Mustang GT Circuit Spec 2011 [Add-On/OIV] – GTA 5 Vehicles

 Download: Ford Mustang GT Circuit Spec 2011 Features: All regular car functions HQ Interior HQ Exterior BOSS Engine 3D Suspension Animated Engine&Exhaust Custom handling Custom Vossen Rims Tuning Parts: 6 Bonnet 6 Spoiler 2 Roof Hood 2 SuperCharger 1 Electronic Fuel Injection US Plate Ford Mustang GT Circuit Spec 2011 Screenshots  Ford Mustang GT Circuit Spec 2011 Showcase Link Down  Ford ... Readmore »

GTA 5 Drift Mod – Tools for GTAV

Do you love exhilarating racing movie such as ‘The Fate of the Furious’?  Do you want to drive some hot racing wheels?  With the GTA 5 Drift Mod, you may now drive the car that you want.  With this latest mod, you will not only be able to conduct wheelies, but it also highlights real-life drifting.  You will be able ... Readmore »

FPS Booster for gta 5 – Frames per Second

Using FPS Booster to Increase Frames per Second If you are a game who loves GTA 5, you can increase the FPS. These are the number of frames per second for better experience when playing the game. You have to get the fps boost gta 5 which not only optimizes the operating system memory but also disables unnecessary services and ... Readmore »

LUA Plugin for Script Hook V – Tools GTA5

The LUA plugin is a mod for GTA that was created by Headscript. It allows you to write LUA scripts that work with GTA. It is one of the simplest languages when it comes to writing scripts for different mods. In layman’s terms, it allows you to come up with cool things for your game. In order to install the ... Readmore »

Script Hook V – Native Trainer for GTA5

Script Hook + Native Trainer is a mod that makes using cheats in GTA V as simple as clicking a few buttons. This makes it easy to test vehicles, guns, and characters out. The mod is designed to close when you go online, so you do not need to worry about being banned for using cheats. Why Use Script Hook ... Readmore »

Skin Control Source Code – Tool for GTA5

Download Skin Control Source Code – Tool for GTA5 I still use your mod it’s my favorite with no issues. Too bad you removed Is there a way to disable the automatic “switch to player” after I die or get arrested? I want the option for my character to die or get busted with its customized skin. It would be ... Readmore »

Code Walker GTA V 3D Map Editor – Tool for GTA5

Download Code Walker GTA V 3D Map Editor – Tool for GTA5 This is actually pretty damn good. It has much more information than map editor. Is this similar to MED from GTA SA Checked your new update That is not a bad idea, and something I have been meaning to add Requires the PC version of GTA 5 installed, NET ... Readmore »