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Fear Free Tips for Picking Up and Holding a Cat

Fear Free Tips for Picking Up and Holding a Cat

Some cats can panic when held if they feel unsafe or threatened. And holding a feline who may have herclaws and teeth engaged as she struggles to break free can beanunsettling experience for both of you. There’s plenty for a cat to be concerned about. For starters, being held can takeaway a cat’s ability to escape. In the veterinary hospital or at the grooming facility, ... Readmore »

Survival Guide For Cat Parents Who Work At Home

From an office desk, working from home can seem pretty glamorous. You mostly get to set your own hours, wake up whenever you want, and wear your pajamas to work. However, those of us who work from home know that our work days aren’t as fancy free and easy as office dwellers might imagine. Throw a cat into the mix, ... Readmore »

Have a Fearful Dog? These Training Tips Will Help

My dog Mayzie was rescued by Second Chance Animal Rescue in Colorado. At the time, she was approximately two years old and had spent her entire life at the end of a rope in someone’s backyard. She had little food and water and only the frame of a drawer for shelter. To our knowledge, she had never lived in a house until ... Readmore »

Ways Your Dog Shows You Love

We know that we love our dogs. Mine are as much real members of the family as my wife and children and my little granddaughter, Reagan. But do they love us back? I think so, and I think they show us that love in ways that are distinctly individual to each dog and person. Gracie, my female Lab/Pit mix, makes a ... Readmore »

PC Trainer V v1.1 [Newest 2020] – GtaV Tool

To install, place PCTrainerV.asi AND PCTrainerV.ini into your root folder with ScriptHookV.dll. Press the “F4” key to open the menu and use the numpad keys to navigate and choose things. The menu is based/inspired by “Console Trainer V” by Evil Blunt. Animation Options -Input/Play Animations which can be looped. (The Input Custom Animation format goes like this: “animDict,animfile” without the ... Readmore »

GtaV – 2015 Ferrari LaFerrari V2.1 [Add-On|Livery]

This ferrari is assembled from 3 different simulators, asetto corsa, thecrew game and forza. Props to them!. This update required 3 months to be this big, support is always nice and helpful to motivate this kind of works. Thanks to all those big time supporters i already have, you make all this possible 🙂 Version 2.1: -Fixed Passenger position -Enabled ... Readmore »

GtaV – 2014 McLaren P1 V2.0 [Add-On Replace]

The 2014 McLaren P1 V2.0 has extremely good handling along with a sturdy chassis that allows players to experience the car in the safest way. With high-quality images, the car becomes more beautiful and smoother in the GtaV. Model:Assetto Corsa,Project Cars,Forza Horizon 3 Converted to GTAV:AIGE Screenshots:Martin_xpl,Vsoreny 2017/5/1 (V2) Update: Supports Auto Wiper Add engine details 2016/7/18 Update: Fix Glass ... Readmore »

GtaV – MINI John Cooper Works GP 2020 V1.8 [Add-On]

The mod will give players the MINI John Cooper Works GP 2020 V1.8, the car has extremely sporty fashion and characteristic design. It possesses a perfect and powerful engine that makes it suitable for all roads in and out of the city. 3D model from CSR2 converted by kimpet Changelog v1.8: fix glass material Changelog v1.7: daylight led separate from headlight ... Readmore »