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Community Races – Gta 5 Google

Review Community Races – Gta 5 Google Description This is a racing mod powered by the users. You can easily create new races with the Map Editor mod. As of the 1.2 version, I included 4 default maps: Prison Lap, Horse Circuit, Alamo Goaround and Construction raceControls M or Controller Back button – Quit current race. Saving and Loading Races All races are ... Readmore »

Load Bunker/Facility Hatches and Interiors – Gta V Online Play

Review Load Bunker/Facility Hatches and Interiors – Gta V Online Play This mod is not a replacement for Online Interiors, all this does is forces the Hatches/Interiors to Load please also note, the images above are taken from my Doomsday Heist and Gunrunning Business mod, there are no markers to enter the interior with this script this mod is designed for ... Readmore »

Razielex’s Car Lock System – Gta Auto

Review Razielex’s Car Lock System – Gta Auto   [Information] Lock/Unlock your car by pressing “E” on your keyboard. (You must get out of it first)[Installation] Extract everything to “scripts” folder in your GTA: V folder. If you don’t have “scripts” folder then create it. [Requirements] .NET Framework 4.5.2 Visual C++ 2015 ScriptHookV Community ScriptHookVDotNet [Bugs] //None, if you find some ... Readmore »

Bike – Gta 5 Free

Review Bike – Gta 5 Free This script change the bikes light, the real bikes just have one light on in low light, when turn to high both turn on, i bring this to the game, i can say this will be automatically, in game, daytime if you hit [H] hey just one light will turn on, at night just one ... Readmore »

KR_Car_DealerShip A.K.A PDM Exotic Imports – Play Gta Online

Review KR_Car_DealerShip A.K.A PDM Exotic Imports – Play Gta Online Picture : KR_Car_DealerShip A.K.A PDM Exotic Imports – Play Gta Online This is KR_Car_DealerShip A.K.A PDM Exotic Imports V 0.7.4 -Automatic Vehicle Brand is generated if the car is in the New DataBase folder, go there and add more car models to each brand if your model isn’t there. -Notification when a ... Readmore »

BIker Gear- Game Gta

Review BIker Gear- Game Gta This Script allow you to put the helmet on the bike or attach to your hand. [Hotkeys] [E] = Equip plane helmet (in plane)*bug fix* , pick up the helmet from bike (back seat),Drop helmet when it’s in hand. [Cntrl Key] + [O]= Open Menu. You have to install NativeUI last version: **Don’t spawn a ... Readmore »

Car_KAF (Key Advance Functions) – Play Gta Online

Review Car_KAF (Key Advance Functions) – Play Gta Online This script brings to you the feature of a remote car key. ****Master Key is [Control] to bring up the car key or interact witht the car**** ****To get a car as yours, you to have be inside and then press [Control] to bring the options and press [G]**** ****This Script is ... Readmore »

My Char – Game Gta

Review My Char – Game Gta 0.9.6 Added backpack toggler, this will be saved with the cloth, guns, etc. *I hope all the loading loop issues are fixed,added new loading screen. **Added Pistol belt holster ***Added Custom Cameras Views,also Zoom In/Out in front view0.9.5 I forgot what did here :P0.9.4 Now weapons are saved with the cloth. *added body marks, chest ... Readmore »

Character Swap – Gta V Download

Review Character Swap – Gta V Download About A simple script that allows you to make the game think you’re playing with a different ped model allowing to play missions as well as various other things using any model.I have been receiving dozens of requests in the past to upload this and after  contacted me a few days ago requesting the same ... Readmore »

Arcadius Office Garage – Download Game Gta V

Review Arcadius Office Garage – Download Game Gta V This brings to Single Player the Arcadius garage from Online Mode. *I like the work of I’mNotMental, so i follow his steps to develop this Script.Update: V 0.9.2 -Fix Car Elevator Constructor Issue. -Other Minor Fixes. -This should fix the break Compatibility with Kr_MazeBank.dll Requeriments: iMenu. NativeUI. Kr_MazeBank.dll Net Framework ... Readmore »