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VAutodrive V8.0.6 | Scripts Gta 5

Review VAutodrive V8.0.6 Picture: VAutodrive V8.0.6 Preface VAutodrive V8.0.6 This mod has a long development history already as it all began with GTA IV. The GTA V version is a migration and has gotten a lot of improvements. Description VAutodrive V8.0.6 VAutodrive (say “Five Autodrive”) equips vehicles with an autopilot and more. No need to press and hold keys for minutes in ... Readmore »

Advanced Fuel Mod 1.4 – Gta V

Review Advanced Fuel Mod 1.4 – Gta V Picture: Advanced Fuel Mod – Gta V Features Advanced Fuel Mod Gta 5 – Relaistic(ish) fuel consumption engine – Realistic and varying fuel prices – Realistic fuel tank sizes – Fuel bar with quarter indicators – Engine cuts off if you run out of fuel – Stop the car, boat, helicopter or plane at a ... Readmore »

Stance – Crouch/Prone Mod 1.2 – Gta 5 Scripts Mods

Review Stance – Crouch/Prone Mod 1.2 – Gta 5 Scripts Mods Picture: Stance – Crouch/Prone Mod 1.2   Installation Stance – Crouch/Prone Mod 1.2 Place Stance.dll and Stance.ini into your “scripts” folder. You will need the latest Script Hook V and .NET Script Hook. Controls Stance – Crouch/Prone Mod 1.2 The controls are dependent on the values in the ini file. [Settings] overrideStealthButton=true ... Readmore »

Drug Trafficking 0.5 | Gta 5 Mods

Review Drug Trafficking 0.5 Picture: Drug Trafficking 0.5 Introduction Drug Trafficking 0.5 This mod re-adds drug trafficking mini-missions that were scrapped during GTA5 development. I’ve inspired myself on GTA:Chinatown Wars drug dealing mechanics. There are multiple drug dealers found around Los Santos and Blaine County. They restock every night and their prices change. You can make a good profit by buying low and selling ... Readmore »

Online Random Events for Single Player v1.2 – GTA 5 Online

Review Online Random Events for Single Player v1.2 – GTA 5 Online Picture: Online Random Events for Single Player Support for this mod has ended. Adds random events to single player that are inspired by those from online. What’s new “Online Random Events for Single Player v1.2” : -Added an option in the .ini to change blips into the default blip ... Readmore »

Story Mode Heists [.NET] 1.3.6 – GTA V

Review Story Mode Heists [.NET] 1.3.6 – GTA V Picture: Story Mode Heists Description Story Mode Heists This mod brings brand new GTA 5 Online-like heists to singleplayer. Every heists will, – just like in online -, have multiple setup missions and 1 finale mission where you and your crew will be paid. You will play as Michael, who will work together ... Readmore »

AddBlips – Game GTA

Review AddBlips – Game GTA Picture : AddBlips – Game GTA V INSTALL: Install Script Hook V .NET Copy AddBlips.cs in your script folder Edit AddBlips.cs to change blip name on map on whatever you wnat and to add what blip you want. If you want the default color delete “Function.Call(Hash.SET_BLIP_COLOUR, NAMEOFBLIP, COLORCODE);”Sprite code and color in Blip.hpp inside ScriptHookDotNet Source Code ... Readmore »

Vehicles Persistence – Gta Download

Review Vehicles Persistence – Gta Download Features: ========= – Save any vehicle anywhere in the game. – locate the saved vehicles on the mini map when pressing a key. – automatic location of the last used saved vehicle after a mission,after death, and after arrest on the minimap. – display of the gps path to the last used saved vehicle. – ... Readmore »

Working MOC in SP – Game Gta

Review Working MOC in SP – Game Gta this mod allows any of the main three protagonists to use a fully functional Mobile Operations Center in Single Player! you can do theseCustomise Cab and trailer Primary Secondary colour Customise Weapons and Livery On Trailer Save a Vehicle into the cargo bay autopilot : AI drives to waypoint use any of the ... Readmore »

Buy Online/Special Vehicles in SP – Gta Grand Auto

Review Buy Online/Special Vehicles in SP – Gta Grand Auto Introduction This mod is just an improvement of my Buy Online/Special Vehicles in SP via in-game website mod. Remember: It’s just for fun and was requested by some people on Skype, you may not find this useful. If so, ignore this.It makes purchasing a lot more easier, especially for those who are too lazy ... Readmore »