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Speed Control – Play Gta Online

Review Speed Control – Play Gta Online –What This Mod Does. Use the Number Pad to make your player go really fast in any direction you want. Also Works in vehicles (cars,boats,planes,bikes). Also use the Number pad to make your car go from 0 to 300mph (Speed Boost) (Stop Instantly) (Backwards Boost) (Works with Trainers, enable and disable the mod with ... Readmore »

Complex Control – Gta Auto V

Review Complex Control – Gta Auto V The mod has a custom user interface, stats page and more. Since this is a script, it replaces no files. Every files are read externally through vnet. Making it very easy to uninstall safely. CRACKED VERSION WARNING This mod uses many of the Multiplayer Content. So you need all the Multiplayer Updates. I don’t ... Readmore »

Spawner V – Gta 5 Google

Review Spawner V – Gta 5 Google Spawner V (v2.0) Simply the Best!About Spawner V is a free, advanced and lightweight vehicle spawner for Grand Theft Auto V. Designed to be user-friendly, this script provides you the best way to navigate and spawn the game vehicles using categories, it also contain some extra stuff. Spawner V is currently being developed by Meth0d for the ... Readmore »

Lively World – Traffic Stuff Update – Grand Theft Games

Review Lively World – Traffic Stuff Update – Grand Theft Games Wouldn’t you like to see stuff happen? This script makes stuff happen! More specifically, it makes the game non-player characters interact with the world around them. Peds will use parked cars, taxis will pick up people, criminals will set up shady deals in quiet areas out of sight, emergency services ... Readmore »

Better Chases + Arrest Warrant – Gta Grand Auto

Review Better Chases + Arrest Warrant – Gta Grand Auto [2018] – I’ve picked up this project again, briefly. It is a little broken (Arrest Warrant doesn’t work at all), I’ll be on and off fixing stuff in the coming months. 1.2 should have better performance, for starters.————————————–Better Chases + Arrest Warrant contains a few modules that make the police of San ... Readmore »

Drag Meets – Drag Monsters Update – Gta 5v

Review Drag Meets – Drag Monsters Update – Gta 5v Latest update : – Added random Drag Monsters. These cars with an engine larger than their engine bay? These. – Added “invite” cheat: You can now invite any Racer to the current meet. Usage: Enter “invite” cheat, then enter the name of the Racer you want to invite. “Eddlm”, “Dragster Phantom”, “Sabre ... Readmore »

Mini Player Menu – Gta Games

Review Mini Player Menu – Gta Games Mini Player Menu [WIP] This is a simple player menu, easy to use and fast to use. this menu is work in progress You Need Latest Script Hook V Latest ScriptHookVDotNet Latest NativeUI Installation copy the Mini Player Menu.dll into your scripts folder if there is no script folder, create one. Open the menu ... Readmore »

BetterFPSCounter – Gta 5 Free

Review BetterFPSCounter – Gta 5 Free BetterFPSCounter by Montoya The BetterFPSCounter will appear in the upper left corner as soon as you load the game. [You Need] Latest ScriptHookV Latest ScriptHookVDotNet   Installation copy the BetterFpsCounter.dll into your scripts folder if there is no script folder, create one. You can also refer to the article about Menyoo PC [SP] – Scripts for GTA5 ... Readmore »

Vehicle Remote Central Locking – Gta 5v

Review Vehicle Remote Central Locking – Gta 5v Heads up for illegal game copies This mod is well known for not working with cracked game version or outdated ones. Even if other mods work for you this probably won’t since it uses other natives and dependencies. If your game is not legal or not updated, rating the mod is not fair. ... Readmore »

Respawn Alternatives – Download Game Gta V

Review Respawn Alternatives – Download Game Gta V New — Skin saved and set back after loading screen/ startup. ON by default, “player_ped_skin_upon_respawn”. Set to 0 to disable. Set the skin with a trainer or in the .ini. — Randoms skin upon respawn. OFF by default. Summery — Respawn (after wasted/busted) in the area or randomly all over the map. — ... Readmore »