GTA 5 PAINT JOBS – GTA 5 Vehicle Paint Job Mods

BMW R1200RT – Play Gta V

Review : BMW R1200RT  – Play Gta V CREDITS MODEL – BMW R 1200RT Purchased by beautiful bastards at Code Zero Gaming – Bike poly Crunched by Thehurk – Converted to GTA V by Thehurk – Templated by Windows446 and Thehurk Other Parts – Code3 BMW police lights by Thehurk – General Electric Rangr by Thehurk, textures by T-Swizzle – Flashlight ... Readmore »

LAPD Texture Pack – Gta Auto

Review LAPD Texture Pack – Gta Auto INSTALLATIONS Go OPENIV  update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday18ng\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf REQUIRES MODS !!!!! Small LSPD Pack [Code 3 Pursuit] 1.0.0 Small LSPD Pack [Code 3 Pursuit] Extension 1.0.0 Reskin LAPD Design by DarkHatos THANKS FOR DOWNLOADING MY LAPD DESIGN PACK CREDITS =============================== – 2011 Forza CVPI Base Extracted by DMN – Optimized, Converted, Textured and stuff by Thehurk – Realisim ... Readmore »

Sprinter Mossos D’Esquadra Brigada Mòbil – Gta On

Review : Sprinter Mossos D’Esquadra Brigada Mòbil  – Gta On Espero que lo disfrutéis!!! INSTALACIÓN´ —————————————————————- Instrucciones dentro del archivo —————————————————————- CRÉDITOS ——————————————— Modelo de GTA-SA By Himmel Ruedas – BritishGamer88 Convertido a GTAIV – BritishGamer88 Convertido a GTAV – BritishGamer88 Nuevos Materiales/Texturas – BritishGamer88/MOH(marco) Template – BritishGamer88 Matrículas – MOH(marco) Accesorios de “scratch” – MOH(ide) visualsettings azul reflectido – MOH(iddo&marco) ... Readmore »

L.A. Vegetation – New Gta

Review L.A. Vegetation – New Gta L.A. Vegetation V3.0 is my latest mod…i reworked from scratch the entire vegetation of GTAV…This time u find all plants bush flowers trees from los angeles…I spent more of 2 weeks to finalize because it’s hard to find the right plants textures and create the apha and fix the colours…But i’m very happy now for ... Readmore »

Borla Livery (from Hot Wheels) – Gta 5 Free Download

Review Borla Livery (from Hot Wheels) – Gta 5 Free Download Livery inspired by the Borla themed Mustang made by Hot Wheels INSTRUCTIONS: -Install car from here: -Open the .ytd file and replace ‘mgt_sign_1’ with my texture. -Save the changes. -Enjoy!              Picture : Borla Livery (from Hot Wheels) – Gta 5 Free Download   Link Download Borla ... Readmore »

Honda NSX Libertywalk – Grand Theft Gta 5

Review Honda NSX Libertywalk – Grand Theft Gta 5                      Picture : Honda NSX Libertywalk – Grand Theft Gta 5 It’s been some time… Use this car: FIle includes: Black & White version of livery Installing instructions Exclusive 1440p background Message me on twitter or leave a comment if you got any ... Readmore »

International License Plates – Grand Then Auto

Download International License Plates – Grand Then Auto 1.2: NEW: European Update! 38 New License Plates from Europe! This Mod adds 77 License Plates from countries all over the world to GTA V. Unlike other plate mods, this mod does not replace any license plate, so you can still enjoy the standart-plates, or the custom plates, you have installed. How to ... Readmore »

Real-Life Box Car Textures – Grand Of Auto V

Review Real-Life Box Car Textures – Grand Of Auto V Real-Life Box Car Texture Pack by Fredinator81 This pack includes 22 textures for the long box car, made by Walter. Skins inkluded: -3 UP -4 BNSF -1 NS -14 TTX Menyoo PC [SP] – Scripts for GTA5 Picture :  Real-Life Box Car Textures – Grand Of Auto V Walter’s Overhauled Trains Pack: ... Readmore »

Delta SkyTeam Livery for Airbus – Granth Auto 5

Download Delta SkyTeam Livery for Airbus – Granth Auto As you probably know, Delta Airlines is a part of SkyTeam which is an airline alliance founded in 2000, and consists of airlines such as Delta, KLM, Aero Mexico etc. Each airline a part of this alliance has their own variation of the SkyTeam livery, which i decided to make in ... Readmore »

Real Life Mule Textures – Car Pepsi – GTA 5

Download Real Life Mule Textures – Car Pepsi – GTA 5 Created some 1024x life like textures for the Mule. Good detail, such as scratching from the trucks hitting trees on small streets, and a basic dirt mask. ______________ Textures: CoorsLight FedEx Express Pepsi Coca-Cola RedBull Snapple ______________ Installation: 1. Open OpenIV and enable Edit mode 2. Navigate to “GTA V\update\x64\dlcpack\patchday3ng\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicle.rpf” ... Readmore »