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Several Safezones for Zombie Apocalypses – Game Gta

Review Several Safezones for Zombie Apocalypses – Game Gta This is my first activity in gta mods, so please comment and help me to work better. thanks. Hi, this is a XML map that I created by Map editor. Several Safe zones needs map editor for loading. I created this map for using in Simple Zombie mod and I want to have multiple secure zones ... Readmore »

GTA Online Races – Grab The Auto 5

Review GTA Online Races – Grab The Auto 5 Picture : GTA Online Races – Grab The Auto 5 About This pack contains 63 races from GTA Online. These are the official ones created by R*. For now, I only included land races. Let me know if I should include other types as well.Requirements Community Races Installation Drag & drop all files ... Readmore »

Extended Police Station and Luxury Safehouse – Gta Download

Review Extended Police Station and Luxury Safehouse – Gta Download Update 2.0 – I added an easier version of the Assassination Mission where the police are only armed with guns and not RPGs. This mod adds extra rooms to the front of the police station and a safehouse which you can access past the jail cells. Features include: – Interview rooms ... Readmore »

Schlongberg-Sachs Penthouse – Grab The Auto 5

Review Schlongberg-Sachs Penthouse – Grab The Auto 5 A penthouse for the Bank manager of Schlongberg-Sachs. Here he can meet and entertain VIP wealthy customers including Michael, Trevor and Franklin who are looking to invest some of their heist money. Features Include: – 4 Bedrooms – Safety Deposit Vault – Cinema – Gym – Office As usual there are two versions ... Readmore »

Enhanced Yacht with Extra Rooms – Gta Download

Review Enhanced Yacht with Extra Rooms – Gta Download Features include: – Submarine launch bay – Underwater cargo hatch – Master bedroom with private lift which leads to panic room and submarine access – Vault – Home cinema – Lots of other small changes and enhancements. – Added over 100 peds so the yacht feels alive and more like a crime ... Readmore »

LifeInvader Mansion – Gta Auto V

Review LifeInvader Mansion – Gta Auto V Update 2.0 – Added alternative version with 6th bedroom A luxury mansion for the CEO of LifeInvader. Features Include: – 5 Bedrooms – Conference Room – Vault – Basketball Court – Gym – Private Dock – Garage This map isn’t 100% finished because Map Editor wouldn’t let me use the max number of objects ... Readmore »

Mafia Boss Mansion – Auto Gta

Review Mafia Boss Mansion – Auto Gta Features Include: – Lifts to teleport between floors – 4 Bedrooms – Cinema – Jacuzzi room – Vault – Gym – GarageRequirements: Map Editor and my objectlist and vehiclelist (included in download). IMPORTANT – you need to use my Objectlist and Vehiclelist or several items and cars won’t appear. Use Map Editor to load ... Readmore »

Luxury Executive Penthouse – Grand Theft

Review Luxury Executive Penthouse – Grand Theft This is a large luxury penthouse for a wealthy “legitimate businessman.” Here you can work, hold business meetings, plan heists, entertain guests, workout or just relax and enjoy the view!Features include: – Private security guards – 5 Bedrooms – Home Cinema – Conference Room – Vault – Heist Planning Room – Gym – Reception ... Readmore »

Devin Weston’s Downtown Penthouse – Download Game Gta V

Review Devin Weston’s Downtown Penthouse – Download Game Gta V Update 1.2 – Fixed a small glitch in the cinema. Update 1.1 – Added and changed several items. Features Include: – Stunning panoramic views – rooftop garden – basketball court – 6 bedrooms – walk-in wardrobes – strip club – underground parking – cinema – heist planning room – vault – ... Readmore »

Arcadius Penthouses – Gta 5v

Review Arcadius Penthouses – Gta 5v Update 1.2 – Added Ymap versions This mod consists of 3 different penthouses (one each for Michael, Trevor and Franklin) and a rooftop nightclub located on top of the Arcadius Business Center. I designed each penthouse to reflect the personality of each character. Features include: – High security underground parking – Exclusive rooftop club with ... Readmore »