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World Trade Center V – GTA 5 GTA V

Review World Trade Center V – GTA 5 GTA V Picture  :World Trade Center V – GTA 5 GTA V World Trade Center V WTC Complex from GTA IV By HBX Works. Bugs: some objects are missed. How to install this Addon: 1.Put “wtc” folder in “Grand Theft Auto V\update\x64\dlcpacks” Coords: -6000 , 6000 (c) Mishka Volkav , HBX Works Some ... Readmore »

Villa Santa Ponza – Gta 5 Pc

Review Villa Santa Ponza – Gta 5 Pc Picture : Villa Santa Ponza – Gta 5 Pc Thanks for downloading Villa Santa Ponza! It is located on the main beach road at Vespucci Beach. The Villa is very modern and secure and has 3 large bedrooms all with own bathrooms and closet areas. Behind the front main two car garage you will ... Readmore »

Vespucci Beach Crib – GTA Online

Review Vespucci Beach Crib – GTA Online Picture  :Vespucci Beach Crib – GTA Online My first ever interior house I made, more will be coming in the future I can promise you that. If you would like to contact me my Discord name is DarkYT#8492 or you can message me on twitter YT_Dark_Gaming. Dark: Dark: if You need any ... Readmore »

Rapid Auto Shop – GTA 5

Review Rapid Auto Shop – GTA 5 Picture : Rapid Auto Shop – GTA 5 Welcome To Rapid Auto Shop! This shop is located right next to the Rapid Auto Shop and right across from Simeon’s. But this is a older build that I end up doing for one of my friends. But this just one of many on its way so ... Readmore »

Mirror Park Shop – GTA V

Review Mirror Park Shop – GTA V Picture : Mirror Park Shop – GTA V Just a little shop that I worked on in Mirror Park will be posting more later on. if You need any further information, please visit link as below GTA 5 Mod Menu PS4 Link : Readmore »

Paleto Bay Shop – GTA VS GTA

Review Paleto Bay Shop – GTA VS GTA Picture : Paleto Bay Shop – GTA VS GTA ust a shop that I made in Paleto Bay, I have a couple more builds that I will be realsing soon just got to do some touch up’s but I hope you like this shop. Twitter: My Discord: My Youtube: if You ... Readmore »

Los Santos Airport Shop – GTA Online

Review Los Santos Airport Shop – GTA Online Picture : Los Santos Airport Shop – GTA Online This is a pretty known shop for a little bit that I made, as of some of you may know Vengeance Media. This shop was a version of Underground Performance (Vengeance FiveM RP Company), and know he moved on to a different shop. But this ... Readmore »

Drift Map [Map Editor] – GTA ON V

Review Drift Map [Map Editor] – GTA ON V Picture : Drift Map [Map Editor] – GTA ON V ##### IMPORTANT !!!! ##### 1. Use the last version or 1.41 2. Install the newest ScriptHookV and ScriptHookVDotNet 3. Download the NativeUI 4. Download Map Editor by Guadmaz. 5. And use the “ObjectList” from Map Editor. Installation: Just drop the drift.xml on your ... Readmore »

Road Close – GTA Online

Review Road Close  – GTA Online Picture : Road Close  – GTA Online I want to create a new series about road close or road build. I wish that you like this proyect Simple install only you need Map Editor!! For additional information, please visit our web site at Gta 5 mod menu ps3 no jailbreak usb Link :       Video ... Readmore »

Better Police Stations – Gta 5 Free

Review Better Police Stations – Gta 5 Free Picture : Better Police Stations – Gta 5 Free DESCRIPTION This mod brings you greatly revised but still lore-friendly police/sheriff/ranger stations. Will be featured in RDE 3.0. Full list of improvements: Mission Row, Vespucci, Vinewood, La Mesa Police Stations -removed odd LSPD decals from walls/doors/ground Mission Row Police Station (interior) -got rid of LSPD-LSSD ... Readmore »