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Abandoned City – Play Gta

Review Abandoned City – Play Gta An environment used in the short film Ghost of Babel. This comes in four set pieces that all have a huge number of props. This is performance intensive likely for many, so bear in mind that as you download this mod. Required Mod: INSTALL: 1. Place the XML files in your Menyoo Spooner directory. 2. ... Readmore »

Custom Props – Gta On

Review Custom Props  – Gta On We share our work for free, and allow people to make some more complete map We don’t ask for anything, but a little credit for the work shared could motiv us 😉 Addon Props V3 : Are you mapper or map user ? Would you like to spawn/use an interior ? a fat build ? ... Readmore »

Map Editor 2.13 – GTA 5 MAPS Mods

GTA 5 MAPS Mods – Map Editor 2.13 Description This is a tool reminiscent of MTA:SA Map Editor days. You have a freecam to navigate around, and you can spawn objects (with preview!), move them around with your mouse or keys. Then you can save or load your map in various formats, currently supported are XML and Simple Trainer format (objects.ini). ... Readmore »

World Improvement [Map Editor] 1.9 – GTA 5 MAPS Mods

GTA 5 World Improvement – Download World Improvement [Map Editor] 1.9 This mod give some parts of GTA 5 a new more realistic look with more trees, objects, realistic scenarios…    Picture: World Improvement [Map Editor] 1.9 You can also refer to the article about : GTA V 100 Game Save PC – Misc Mods 1.0 First Release, More Trees around Rockford Hills ... Readmore »

Snow in Los Santos 0.4b Of LixeiroCharmoso

Download GTA 5 Maps Mods Snow in Los Santos 0.4b Of LixeiroCharmoso INSTALLATION: Part 1: 1. Download the file in this site 2. Extract “x64’s” files to anywhere you want 3. Follow folders paths and replace “.ytd” files using OpenIV Part 2: If you want the optional file just follow folders paths in “[OPTIONAL ALPHA] Particles” and replace the “materials.dat” file ... Readmore »

Maps Franklin’s Bachelor Pad Helipad 2.0

Maps Franklin’s Bachelor Pad Helipad 2.0 Download Version 2.0: > added a helipad with a frogger helicopter parked in it. Feel free to remove the helicopter just in case you want the helipad to have a free space for your own. > The helipad is just above frankllin’s garage which can be accessed via a lore friendly spiral staircase. see ... Readmore »

V: Vice City – Classic – Gta download

Review V: Vice City – Classic – Gta download Info: This is the ‘Classic’ version of the map, in other words: the map how R* made in back in 2002. Only the palm trees are updated and a few textures. If you wish to have updated assets (such as models and textures) you should check out the other Vice City mod ... Readmore »

Burger King 1.1 – GTA 5

Download Burger King 1.1 – GTA 5 This model will replace Burget Shot in the game. There can be bugs since it’s the first ydr editing. Please report the bugs you notice also share your suggestions. I added the Bugatti Veyron instead of the Bumper Car in the game. This vehicle can be downloaded with Object Spooner but you cant ride ... Readmore »