GTA 5 Drift Mod – Tools for GTAV

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Do you love exhilarating racing movie such as ‘The Fate of the Furious’?  Do you want to drive some hot racing wheels?  With the GTA 5 Drift Mod, you may now drive the car that you want.  With this latest mod, you will not only be able to conduct wheelies, but it also highlights real-life drifting.  You will be able to modify the mechanism and the system of GTA5 with the help of this mod.  It will give the game more dynamics and will amplify your gaming experience to the next level.

GTA 5 Drift Mod

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Instructions on How to Use the GTA 5 Drift Mod

Here is a detailed instruction on how you can use the GTA5 drift and experience a whole new fun in plying the game.

  1. In order to use this mod, you will need to download the OpenIV 2.6.
  1. After you downloaded the required file, open it and go directly to the data folder. To go to the data folder, simply click update, then choose update.rtf, open the common folder where you will find the Data folder.
  1. Inside the data folder, you will find the file named ‘handling.meta’. Create a back-up of this file by copying it on a separate folder.  This will serve as a safety precaution in case the GTA 5 Drift Mod experience some problem.
  1. Download the code of the mod and replace the handling.meta on the Data folder with the code that you just downloaded.
  1. Rename the file with the name ‘handling.meta’
  1. Copy the modified file
  1. Be sure that you will enable first the edit mode before playing the game.

People are now starting to modify the system of car handling in the GTA 5.  This is due to the fact that the cars are sometimes moving like they are on the racing track.  They do not have that tight weight reaction and the right roll.  Their performance without the GTA 5 Drift mod is not better than the trolley.  While the mod does not necessarily fix that issue, they are a dramatic improvement from the normal car handling.


gta-5-drift-mod-tools-gtav-3 gta-5-drift-mod-tools-gtav-2 gta-5-drift-mod-tools-gtav-1 gta-5-drift-mod-tools-gtav-5-6 gta-5-drift-mod-tools-gtav-5-8 gta-5-drift-mod-tools-gtav-5-7 gta-5-drift-mod-tools-gtav-5 gta-5-drift-mod-tools-gtav-4

You can easily download the mod on their official site.  The file has been run on virus detection tools and cleaners, and it doesn’t show any threat to the system.  Fortunately, we should be able to expect more mod in the future like the GTA5 drift after the team behind the OpenIV has managed to unlock the encryption of Rockstar.  In the future, we will expect that players will have the capacity to change the handling data, the time, population and the texture of the game.    At this moment, some of these are not yet possible, but we should expect amazing things to happen in the near future.

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