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Frankenstein Pickaxes Mod enables you to mix and match any combination of pickaxe related materials so that your own specialty pickaxe can be made. These pickaxes can be made for a total of 120 different combinations. Also, the average of the used materials and rounded up can be used to calculate the number of uses, enchantability, and mining speed  if there is a remainder. The harvest level and attack strength are based on the highest material.

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Naming and description convention

If a pickaxe is made with 2 different materials (eg wood-wood-stone pickaxe), it is named ?Bi-fused Pickaxe?. For picks with 3 different materials (eg wood-stone-iron pickaxe), it is named ?Tri-fused Pickaxe?. Hovering over the pick will provide flavor text that inform you of the pickaxe’s materials.  

For some picks, there will be a description. ?Mystical? indicates a high enchantability (within the top 30%, or >15 modifier), ?Useful? indicates a pick that has a high number of uses (within the top 30%, or >600 uses), and ?Efficient? indicates a quick mining speed (within the top 17%, or >8 modifier). 

Protip: Pickaxes made out of iron, diamond, and gold are the only ones that fall under all 3 categories (making the description of them ?Mystically and Efficiently Useful?).


  • I find it annoying when I have one lone wooden plank left. The solution? Make a double iron-wood pickaxe to use up that one plank block in a productive way. Wood has the second highest enchantment modifier, so it’ll make your iron pick have a higher chance of getting a good enchantment while not cutting down on the speed too much.
  • Use a double cobblestone-iron pickaxe to gain the ability to mine more rare ores and conserve your iron a bit
  • Use a double iron-gold to speed up your mining!
  • Use an iron-gold-diamond pickaxe to have a fast, well enchantable, and obsidian-mining pick using only 1 of each of the rarer materials.
  • Use a double iron-diamond pickaxe to increase the use of a normal iron pickaxe, decrease the amount of diamond you have to use on making 1 pickaxe, and gain the ability to mine obsidian with a mostly-iron pickaxe.
  • Use a gold-double diamond pickaxe or a double gold-diamond pickaxe to have a significantly larger amount of uses while being extremely enchantable.

Download Frankenstein Pickaxes Mod 1.7.10

For 1.7.10

Credit and Author: shirtandtieler

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