Fire Resistance Potion Making Instructions


In Minecraft, traveling through the Nether and the subterranean can be harmful to your health. Even the most intrepid explorer can be defeated by the infinite lava and fire lakes, fireball attacks, and limited exploration time. Read more: how to make fire resistance potion

Fortunately, there is a solution that comes in a convenient glass bottle that can shield you from these burning dangers.

Learn how to use the fire resistance potions you already have in your inventory as well as how to create new ones for your upcoming forays into the scorching depths of the Nether.

Minecraft Brewing Stand Construction Instructions

You’ll need a way to assemble the ingredients before you can create a potion to protect you from fire, just like any good chemist. Building a brewing stand is what that looks like in the world of Minecraft.

Go straight to the section on how to create a fire resistance potion in Minecraft if you already have access to a brewing station. If you still need to put together a brewing stand, start by doing the following:

Ingredients for the Brewing Stand: 3 cobblestones.
1 flaming rod (obtained by killing a Blaze).
It’s time to build a brewing stand right now.

Activate the crafting interface.

Making a Minecraft Fire Resistance Potion
It’s time to prepare a Fire Resistance potion with your Brewing Stand ready.

Resistance to Fire Magma Cream and Nether Wart are necessary ingredients.
Water Blaze powder in a potion bottle to ignite the brewing station.
Let’s begin creating the potion now that the necessary components are gathered:

Make a glass bottle, and put water in it (use it on a water source block).

Open the brewing stand interface and light the stand with Blaze powder.

Add a Water Bottle to one of the three lower boxes (Or all three, depending on how many potions you’re trying to make).

Add a Nether Wart in the upper middle box. Brewing this combination turns the water bottle into an Awkward Potion.