FIB Bravado Buffalo S – Gta V Online Play

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Review FIB Bravado Buffalo S – Gta V Online Play

Picture : FIB Bravado Buffalo S – Gta V Online Play

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as the law enforcement moving to newer and better vehicles so do the FIB.
the FIB decided they need to replace the old buffalo with the new one,so here it is.


-install the model in your mods folder
or using any add-on pack replace it in the add-on folder

Final=/added glass shards

1.3=/added hidden grill lights version(i included it by accident in the last patch so check what you got)

1.1=LODs fixed


Rockstar-original model

G.C.T-buffalo S stock

Dani02-buffalo S converting

TheFenton-UV Mapping

NefariousBonne-Police Console(model and textures)

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Link : Download FIB Bravado Buffalo S