DOA military/combat pack – GTA vs GTA

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Review DOA military/combat pack – GTA vs GTA

Picture : DOA military/combat pack – GTA vs GTA

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I created these models for a person who wanted DOA military outfits and did not bother on the rigging so this is what I made for the person and was really happy about the results.

I discontinued the pack as these were suppose to be private, but since I might not be around in the near future, I might as well release these. I have more military outfits and I will be taking request on military outfits.

How it works:
Give the link to a picture in the comment section that you think will look sick and hot for a DOA model to wear and if it looks good and producible, then I will do my best to rig it, and find the outfits similar to it. Packs might not come out early as I am busy studying for university.


Rigging may not be the best, but it was a commission which satisfied them.

Officer – Jiggle effect
Soldier – Jiggle effect and small makeup(black)

Install as addon,


Special thanks to Diony for the duel gun belts 

if You need any further information, please visit link as below GTA 5 Mod Menu PS4






Link : Download DOA military/combat pack