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v4.0 update
1. nsh3t added the crisis on Earth X version.
v4.0b update:
Slightly fix the leg texture.

Installation guidelines for v4.0b
1. Download and install
Julio NIB Superman script:
AddonPeds by Method:

2. Install Supergirl as Stream ped

3. Copy the script “super_suit_Supergirl Crisis on Earth X” into GTAV/ scripts/ Superman files/ Suits

4. If you have already installed CW The Flash DLC
you don’t need to install “super_suit_CW Supergirl” as that Super-girl model looks even better. Still, if you want the add-on version, simply put “super_suit_CW Supergirl” into GTAV/ scripts/ Superman files/ Suits

How to play:
Press Ctrl N to open superman script and load the suit “Supergirl Crisis on Earth X”

v3.5 update
1. nsh3t remake the Supergirl hair model.
2. nsh3t remake the Supergirl uniform model.

if You need any further information, please visit link as below GTA 5 Mod Menu PS4

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