Corona Begone – Every car

Version: 1.3 | Author: Anime_Boom | 1,255 views

Corona Begone is a simple mod that disables the corona effect on vehicles in the game.
Tested this mod on every car to the latest patch GTAV and no issues or bugs, but if you do find something please do tell.

Image-Corona Begone!

Corona Begone mod also works on modded vehicles including addon mods!


corona-begone-before corona-begone-after



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v 1.0 – Initial release of mod.

v 1.1 – Added install path/guide for VisualV users also added readme on how to make the lights dimmer.

v1.2 – Added a faint version so corona is still there but faint, if to faint please do tell so I can adjust it.

v1.3 – Started from scratch and made the corona file smaller resolution no need for high resolution files when its not going to be there anyway. Also added new faded variations from 25%, 50%, 70% and 90%.

v1.3 – No version change just updating the contents of the download and the install guide so it is more easy to understand.

How to install Corona Begone?

The installation Guide can be found in the download once downloaded.

Always create backups before installing any mod.

Corona Begone Download Link:

Download from Server
Corona Begone – Every car
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