BMW M4’18 – GTA 5 GTA 5

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Review BMW M4’18 – GTA 5 GTA 5

Picture : BMW M4’18 – GTA 5 GTA 5

[Backfire Workshop]-2018 BMW M4
Model source:FM7、AC、FH3、3D
MOD introduction:
1.Exquisite interior(Replaceable colors)
2.Pearl lacquer
3.Can lift the window(Long press H)
5.Folding seat

2018/8/30 update:
Repair the rear light glass reflection problem

2018/8/21 update:
1. Fix small bugs
2. Use a more sophisticated taillight

2018/8/3 update:
Fixed font for LED lights
2018/8/1 update:
1. Replaced the more refined headlights and fixed the angel light version
2. Replaced the new chicken leg handle
3. The pointer is changed to red
Another laser light version, available through the Download button
This version fixes the light green problem and replaces the sidewalls
Fixed BUG after modified mirror
1.Fixed the problem that the rear window can not be broken
2.Fixed some of the players can not brush out the MOD problem
3.Fixed the position where the window was crushed
4.A turn light with a rearview mirror added
5.Updated the carbon fiber roof
6.Updated the defogging device on the rear window

update content:
1.Racing seat
2.the new laser headlights can debug three hues (interior colors can only be adjusted through the Benny garage or modifier)

This MOD is supplied free of charge from BK.Workshop (Backfire Workshop) and should not be
used for other commercial purposes!
If you want to know more MOD process, welcome to join
Backfire Workshop Studio QQ Group: 246710817

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Link : Download BMW M4’18 




Video review : BMW M4’18 – GTA 5 GTA 5


BMW M4’18 – GTA 5 GTA 5
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