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Review BIker Gear- Game Gta

This Script allow you to put the helmet on the bike or attach to your hand.

[Hotkeys] [E] = Equip plane helmet (in plane)*bug fix* , pick up the helmet from bike (back seat),Drop helmet when it’s in hand.

[Cntrl Key] + [O]= Open Menu.

You have to install NativeUI last version:

**Don’t spawn a bike with player on**
**When you get in a new bike (Not registered, a random helmet will be used)**
**Not xbox360 controller support , i don’t have one so i can’t test**
-Added missing cloth

New Features:
-*Animation to put/get helmet from bike.
-*Now you can choose the helmet type(Normal/Cross/Custom)
-*Now you can choose a jacket skin (It’s trevor’s jacket, you need a mod for use it on franklin)
-*Now you can equip the cross suit by menu
-*Now you can choose brave biker option to not wear helmet (requested)

-Choose helmet skins.
-Attach a fake GO_Pro
-Find your bike

-Ability to put helmet on bike’s back seat.

-Ability to Choose different helmet textures for each bike (base game or addon).
-Option to set different positions for each bike.
-In game system for Config bikes.
-Improve some detections to reduce issues*
**if use the mod a couple of times, the Pilot_helmet will no appears so i implement a fix, just press [E] key inside the plane**
-Custom Helmet texture.
-Ablity to let helmet on bike.
-Ability to attach helmet on hand.

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Thanks to:
-Alexander Blade.

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