Betsy’s maps pack – GTA 5 GTA 5

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Review Betsy’s maps pack – GTA 5 GTA 5

Picture : Betsy’s maps pack – GTA 5 GTA 5

The pack include:
-Ebisu Kita
-Ebisu Minami
-Miyagase Yabitsu Touge
-Orlando Speedworld
-Suzuka Twin Drift
-Dragon Trail
-Tamada Sportsland
-Tor Wyrazów
-Usui (long version)
-YZ West
the download will give you a text file with the link for the download in it, this because the .rar is over 400 mb, which is the limit.-Bugs:
-Some of the maps have bad collsions on guardrails.
-minor visual bugs on some maps

-Special thanks to TheRealMisko, for converting every map into addon, and also for taking those pics of the maps.
-credits to Neos7, for providing me the files for those Initial D maps.
-And special thanks to Michno, TheAussie and Neos7 for helping me in the learning process, and Yoha for his tutorials.
-every credits go to the respective authors of the maps, i just converted them.

-open dlc.rpf and replace setup2 with this one

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Link : Download Betsy’s maps pack