Benefactor Streiter [Improvements-Bug Fixes] V1.1 – gtaV car


“It’s dog-eat-dog on the roads of San Andreas – and naturally, a station wagon could feel a little exposed. But let a viper’s nest set its skin in one and let whatever it becomes be your guardian angel and an angry gorilla. Every rent-a-hotshot down the GOH will be cashing in their bus tokens out of shame – because the Streiter is more than a wagon. It’s an estate-sized wraith incarnate.”
This is basically a re-release version of the Benefactor Streiter by TG_Stig and fummy with a few bug fixes and improvements. such as; the dirt mapping is fixed, glass shards are restored, Arena War horn options added, the rims won’t look mess up anymore when the tires are gone, the materials on the windows are corrected, and the vehicle is now unlocked.

Model name:
– Streiter2

– Rockstar Games – Original model
– TheF3nt0n – Model edits and bug fixes
– TG_Stig – Modified fenders and chassis
– fummy – Original model edits
– Vans123 – Driver door fix
– Jam – Bug fixes
– Boywond – Badge
– Unbid – Suspension fix
– MyCrystals! – Description
– Sealyx – Screenshots

– 1.0 – Initial release
– 1.1 – Fixed the collision meshes, the normals on primary and secondary vented hoods and the vertex paint on the left side of the second bumper modification

How To Install 

-Start OpenIV
-Make sure you have a modified gameconfig.xml that could handle add-on vehicles with no problem, if you have a modified gameconfig installed, skip this step
-Put the “streiter2” folder on update/x64/dlcpacks/
-Click Edit Mode, then go to update.rpf/common/data and find dlclist.xml
-Extract and edit the dlclist.xml
-Copy this line:
-Save it and drag and drop the dlclist.xml to update.rpf/common/data/
-After following the whole step, start the game
-Model name: streiter2


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Link Download :