Barrett M82A1 destruction – Grand Theft

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Barrett M82A1 is an improved version. It was introduced in 1986. This version was fitted with flip-up iron sights for emergency use and has a larger muzzle brake. This weapon can be mounted on the M3 and M122 infantry tripods, originally intended for machine guns.

   Barrett M82A1M is a further improved version, developed for the US military. It has a long Picatinny-type rail on top of the receiver and can accept various scopes. This weapon also has a rear grip and monopod socket.

   Barrett M82A2 version with a bullpup layout. It was introduced in 1987. This version was designed to be fired from the shoulder, against helicopters. However it was not a success and production was stopped soon.

   M82A3 is a US Marine Corps designation of the Barrett M82A1M. It is also officially referred as Special Applications Scoped Rifle. The US Marine Corps obtained significant number of these rifles. This weapon saw action during Operations Desert Shield, Desert Storm, and the War in Afghanistan. In 2004 the US Marine Corps’ sniper Steve Reichert made a kill in Iraq from 1 614 meters using his M82A3 rifle.

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