Arcadius Office Garage – Download Game Gta V

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Review Arcadius Office Garage – Download Game Gta V

This brings to Single Player the Arcadius garage from Online Mode.
*I like the work of I’mNotMental, so i follow his steps to develop this Script.
Update: V 0.9.2

-Fix Car Elevator Constructor Issue.
-Other Minor Fixes.
-This should fix the break Compatibility with Kr_MazeBank.dll



Net Framework 4.7. to up.
ScripthookV and DotNet lastest.

-Car Elevator.
-Store up to 32 cars.
-Car Manager.
-Car Service Shop W.I.P.
-“WebApp” to customise the garage.
-This garage save all the damage of your vehicles.

i’m sure i need to fix a bunch of things but it’s working good, i’m running out of time, because i’ll start to work, but as soon as finish the work, i will take a look of the details.

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