30 Animals Who Love Chilling Out In The Sun


Basking in the sun has a lot of amazing benefits. Sunshine naturally increases serotonin, a hormone that helps us improve our mood, redude +depression and anxiety. So it’s no wonder that most of us love chilling out in the sun when spring arrives. However, we are not the only ones who love sunbathing. Our animal friends love chilling out in the sun just as much as humans.

In order to illustrate this, we collected 30 adorable of pets taking a bath in their favorite sunspots of their houses to share with you. Scroll down to enjoy! We are sure that these cute animals will make you want to bask in the sun right now!

1. Oooooooooh that’s adorable!!!!

2. Awwwww its the dog version of if it fits i sits.

3. Epic

4. Even the gecko loves chilling out in the sun.

5. Side quest incoming

6. Hello

7. Sunbathing or insurance scam?

8. Chickens also love the sun.

9. Im a little bit gain weight.

10. Cat baskin in the sun

11. Finding the best spots to bask in ☀️

12. My cat loving the sunlight.

13. Sunbeams are for cats

14. Happy Toby stretches

15. Belly rubs at your own risk. 😼

16. My roommates dog, Alfred, sunbathing. He does this every evening.

17. Warm and cozy

18. Dex, making himself comfortable 😂

19. It’s a nice sunshineday!

20. My weenie brothers love to lay in the sun spot together.

21. Praise the sun

22. My aunt’s dog loves to sunbath like this. Reminds me of a Rotisserie chicken

23. Thinking about wormies🤔💭 .

24. Basking in the sun


26. Yawn!!!

27. Sun spots

28. I let Sonic out on the balcony. 5 min later this is what I see

29. Enjoying some sun with Roshi! ❤️

30. Basking in the sun. 🌞 This is the life.

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