1965 Jeep Gladiator J-200 V1.5 – gtaV car


This is the original first generation Jeep Gladiator, produced from 1963 until the Gladiator name had been dropped in 1971.
Special thanks to everyone at Carface Workshop thread from GTAForums for moral support and assistance.
Addon spawn name: gladiator65 Townside Box
Addon spawn name: gladiator65bThriftside Box

Scratch made model: Carface
Conversion: Carface
Further edit, handling, car colours and add-on setup: GreenAid
Tuning Parts: Carface
Rollbar: Carface
Screenshots: Inbetweendays
Tire model: Turbosquid
Extras: Rockstar

– Authentic details
– High Quality model
– High Quality textures
– Seats 4, 2 in the cab, 2 at the box.
– Hands on Steering
– Working illuminated dials
– Bullet holes
– Breakable glass
– Working lights
– Complete LODS
– Multiple exterior and interior colours

Tuning Parts (Addon only):
– Windshield Chrome trim – Roof
– 2 Grille design – Grille
– Black or White tailgate lettering (not available on Thriftside) – Spoiler
– Alternate mirrors – Windows (Benny’s Mod)
– Alternate Dash colour – Dash (Benny’s mod)
New for 1.5
– Added custom wheel tuning
– Fixed the vehicle name
– Mesh splits when deformed fixed
– No Teddy Bear option added
New for 1.4B:
– Hotfix for the Thriftside reversing light glow
New for 1.4:
– Thriftside reversing light fixed
– Thriftside mid rear bumper split fixed
– Added custom rear bumper tuning
New for 1.3:
– Thriftside bed model added
– Seats moved forward a bit for female peds.
– Fixed model normal glitches
– Fuel Gauge reading empty fixed
– Hood opening angle adjusted
New for 1.2:
– Tailgate letter comes with black or white (tuning)
– Fixed back of tailgate dirt map
– Cargo bed dirt map fixed
– Interior trim color can be changed independently
– Dashboard and steering column colour option added (exterior colour match, interior trim colour match or custom colour)
– Revised tuning categories
– Revised interior and exterior colours (requires Classic Car Colours)

New for 1.1:
– Alternate side mirrors (tuning)
– Fixed missing model parts
– Dial illumination improved
– Windows tint for first person view fixed
– YTD file size optimized
– Material tweaks

To Do:
– More tuning parts
– Tailgate letter tuning shifts away when crashed

How To Install 

Move the j200 folder to update/x64/dlcpacks folder
modify the dlclist.xm and add this line:
Spawn model name: gladiator65 (thriftside is gladiator65b)

you can replace any car you desire as long you modify the vehicle.meta, handling.met and carvariation.meta for best results, provided in the replace folder.
Replacing bodhi2 only requires modifying vehicle.meta
If you choose the thriftside model, rename the ytd file to gladiator65b
Feel free to modify this model for personal use only. Publishing your conversion or modification is only allowed with a written permision.


Enjoy it and don’t forget share to your friends!

Link Download : https://dl1.9gtamods.com/index.php?act=dl&id=1587096493